What is Customer Support in BPO?

Whether you’re looking for someone to take over the aftercare for your customers or you need a bit of additional help with your accounting, finding a BPO solution in line with your business is essential.


Not everything has to be done in-house. In fact, outsourcing your business activity might be the best solution for you – giving you more time to be productive and do the parts of your job that you love.


Customer support in BPO can be a useful way of making sure your customers have a good experience, even after your sale, to ensure you’re not losing unnecessary loyalty.


What is a BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. This is the act of hiring a third-party company to take ownership of some of your business processes which you no longer want to host in-house. This can include accounting, administration, and even customer support.


Investing in customer support in BPO is essential for businesses with a high volume of customer communication but limited resources. Outsourcing customer service means your customers can get direct, quick support without sacrificing the time your company spends on the products and services that you’re offering.


What is the difference between a call centre and a BPO?

A call centre is typically taking calls from and making calls to customers as a separate business to a company. Whereas a BPO usually works behind the scenes of another company, acting as part of the company, which makes a BPO a good option as a trusted partner to work alongside your business.


A BPO typically also offers a wider range of back-end administration, accounting, customer support and other services. But a call centre is solely focusing on call-handling communications for customers.


What sectors can use customer support in BPO?

Some industries that customer support in BPO can work for include energy and utilities, telecommunication, charity, retail and ecommerce, and healthcare. Any sector can use a BPO, especially with customer service. Ensuring your customers and clients have a good journey is a concern across all sectors.


View our full list of industries here.


Why using a BPO for customer service is beneficial for your business

If you’re considering outsourcing your customer service, a BPO, such as us at Kura, can be a trusted partner in your customer communications. Here are some of the benefits you can get from hiring a BPO:


Specialised expertise

Our expertise can ensure your customers are getting the best experience possible during their aftercare. Whether it is sensitive debt handling or taking positive praise for your company, our BPO experience can ensure your business benefits from good customer service.


Assists admin tasks

Working with a BPO can ensure your company and employees have more time to be productive, letting you do more of what you love. The administration and customer support tasks, which can take up time, are removed from your schedules – letting you spend more time focusing on your product and service offerings!


Easy expansion

A good BPO can ensure your company can scale to any size without causing you problems. In fact, a BPO can scale with you without adding to the company headcount. This means you can reach a wider audience without worrying about needing a larger office, more internal staff, or managing the growing tasks.


We can ensure you’ve got the right resources to see your business expand without worry.


Greater flexibility

Unlike a call centre in-house, a BPO gives you greater flexibility when it comes to processes. By leveraging this expertise, you can optimise your business processes without the need to create new job roles.


Depending on your company goals and needs, which might shift over time as you expand and grow, a good BPO can adjust the quality, scope, and volume of work in line with what you need – giving your company flexible comfortability, no matter the circumstances.


Increase diversity for customer satisfaction

In a world where diversity is crucial for customer support, a BPO can ensure you’ve got the right people answering your customer communications. Whether you’re offshoring your outsourcing to communicate with customers abroad or making sure you’ve got the right number of experienced staff handling each moment, outsourcing customer support is in the best interest of your customer’s happiness.


Overall, investing in a BPO for your customer service could be the answer to high-volume calls, the right expertise in sensitive areas, and expanding your business. With a trusted partner, such as Kura, you can ensure your business has the resources it needs for your customer communications.


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