Our Values

Our culture and values are unique and very important to us. They help our people develop faster, realise their full potential quicker, and deliver outstanding performance. They are not simply words on a poster, our values are instilled in the everyday lives of our people.

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Kura People Bring Their True Selves To Work.

Being vulnerable is not a weakness, it’s a strength. Vulnerability is being honest and open about yourself and to others.

We encourage vulnerability in our people so that they can bring their true selves to work. When people bring their true selves to work, we help them to understand their strengths and manage their weaknesses.

Being true to themselves allows our people to make better connections and better relationships with customers.



Kura People Ask Questions.

Kura people ask questions. Questions help us to get to know clients and customers better, and help us to challenge the status quo.

To build the best solutions and create a culture where people feel part of these solutions, we need our people to ask a lot of questions. Questions empower our people. The more questions we ask, the more insight we gain, and the better we can service our customers.



Kura People Seek Feedback.

With over 750,000 hours devoted to training every year, learning is one of our most important values. We’ve created a culture where people can learn and develop quickly, and where our people can actively seek feedback.

By asking questions and seeking feedback, we learn more about ourselves and can develop faster and perform better. We actively recruit for people who have that appetite to learn, grow, and realise their full potential.

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Kura People Call It Out In the Moment.

We value people who say and do the right thing when it matters most. It takes courage to speak up and call something out.

In meetings, we encourage people to say what they feel there and then, to speak up. By having the courage to be honest with each other, we build trust. Trust is the foundation of great teams and great performance.



Kura People Know It's Always, Always Down To Me.

We don’t think about blame, which is negative and looks back. We think about accountability and about contribution, which looks forward and is about solutions.

Nobody’s perfect, and things will go wrong. When this happens, we start with ‘what could I have done differently?’ and this leads us to learn and grow. With a culture of accountability, our business will learn, innovate, and perform at our very best.

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Unrivalled in Developing People

Do you want to be part of our culture where you can bring your true self to work? Where you learn, grow, and develop faster than you ever thought possible? Feel valued and make a difference every single day?

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About Us

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