The principal activities of the Kura group are customer management and software solutions. We are building a business focused on people, and our vision is to be unrivalled in developing people.

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A culture of helping people 'Cross the Bridge'

Underpinning our commitment are our five values which drive behaviours across all areas of the business:

Curiosity Kura people like to ask questions 
Vulnerability Kura people bring their true selves to work
Learning Kura people understand all feedback is good
Courage Kura people call it out in the moment
Accountability Kura people know it is always down to me

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Kura Fit

We live and breathe our values

Our Kura people live and breathe our values on a daily basis, they don’t just talk about them. This starts at the top of the organisation with our Head of Site and filters down to every level of the organisation. Our “Values” assessment forms an integral component of our hiring process and ultimately determines whether a potential new resource is a fit for our organisation or not. This differentiates us from the rest of the BPO industry in Durban, South Africa.

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Crossing the Bridge

It’s all about wanting to help people

At Kura it’s all about wanting to help people to develop and reach their full potential. This starts with the process of “Crossing the Bridge” to one day being recognised as “unrivalled in developing people”.

The combination of our vision and values helps to drive our business and promote continual improvement and customer satisfaction. All employees are encouraged to ensure that their behaviours and actions mirror our values.

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Demonstrating the ‘why’

At Kura we spend our time differently from other BPO organisations, we see all our people as individuals. We help them build their capability and self-belief with spectacular results for clients. It is this imaginative approach to outsourcing that creates an award-winning partnership between Kura and clients.



Our vision is to be unrivalled in development.

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Training and Development

Training and Development

We devote 750,000 hours every year to training. Our vision is to be Unrivalled in Developing People.

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From 35 days holiday, to high street discounts, every role has amazing perks and benefits.

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