The Power of Kura People in Customer Service

One thing that proves success within an organisation is culture and we put a clear focus on this at Kura.

Excellence starts at the top, and it is our belief that companies with a strong culture perform better. Our aim is to set up our people for success by providing them with the environment, tools, and knowledge they need to produce quality performance and results for our customers and our clients. Our view is that great leaders seek to understand and develop people, this translates to our vision to be unrivalled in developing people.

By focusing our culture on our people and their development, we enable and empower them to deliver first-rate service to our customers, knowing that by truly listening and understanding we can better service their needs on behalf of our existing clients and attract new clients who see the excellence that culture for our people provides.

4 key pillars allow us to ensure our people are motivated to deliver this success for our clients, and they are Communication, Recognition, Transparency and Development.



We work to keep employee engagement high through a commitment to consistency and communication.

Our recent Employee Engagement Survey saw that 81% of our people loved their job here at Kura, the UK average being only 38% according to YouGov Profile 2022, and this allows us to see that the feedback we get from them is being implemented to their benefit which in turn allows them to thrive with us. Having our people feel they are being heard and involved goes far in ensuring our clients receive the best results thanks to the culture in which our people know they are the central focus.



Everyone wants to feel that they are doing a good job and that their efforts are appreciated and valued. Recognition instils a sense of commitment and engagement, and it is instrumental in how excellence is encouraged over time, and how it stays strong in times of pressure.

Through our recognition platform, our people receive regular appreciation from their colleagues and managers. We understood that to guarantee the quality and results that our clients expect from us, our people needed to know that they are valued and that we recognise their continuous efforts and hard work in every aspect of what they do here at Kura.

Nurturing a culture of gratitude and recognition encourages a great sense of community and cohesion that motivates everyone. How we support and galvanise our people is essential for our success in delivering for our clients.



Our values of Accountability, Courage, Curiosity, Learning and Vulnerability allow our people to thrive in all aspects of their work life. True authenticity in our vision comes from our people’s ability to engage in honest and constructive conversation in their formal monthly meetings, sharing of experiences and learnings, working  commitment to excellence. For our culture to flourish around our people, we encourage honest and open feedback to allow us to improve in areas needed.



Development is a commitment to not only yourself but to those around you. It allows our people to feel empowered and able to explore new tools and skills that will help them ultimately succeed in their professional goals. We encourage promotion from within and we make sure our people know that they have avenues in the business that they can travel down. This allows Kura to ensure that quality candidates within our organisation have the possibilities and opportunities to thrive in areas of the business they feel that they can have an impact.


Our unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture of excellence through Communication, Recognition, Transparency, and Development has proven to be one of the driving forces behind our success. Our dedication to our people and their growth empowers them to deliver exceptional service to our clients, setting us apart as a leader in developing individuals and achieving outstanding results. We firmly believe that a culture centred around our people is the key to exceeding client expectations and attracting new clients who recognise the excellence that defines Kura.