Disrupter Solutions

  • Are you a Startup or SME business? Unsure if your business has scale?
  • Are you a disrupter in your industry?
  • Need a pilot to test your theory?

Let our experts help you.

What we do

Our vision of being “Unrivalled in Developing People” means that what we are trying to achieve is like nothing else in our industry, and we are making waves in moving toward that aspirational goal. We want other forward-thinking businesses to disrupt their market place, realising that people and customer experience is a key differentiator.

Our Disrupter/SME Solutions give you an agile edge with outstanding customer service on every contact even when your business is new and disrupting the market.

We allow you to test and learn new customer service processes, new products and approaches to increase your understanding of your clients.

Better understanding leads to increased revenue and profit, and with an insight and innovation function on hand to help guide and support you with decades of experience, you know you’ll be getting a strategic partner from day 1.

We’re a disrupter, thinking about the development of people at the centre of the business – let’s disrupt together and deliver the best for people, customers and our businesses.

How we do it

  • Quick deployment of our people in to existing infrastructure.
  • Focus on people development to create product experts and brand ambassadors.
  • Industry leading investment in training – developed a people focussed, staged induction programme, “Everest” that delivers increased knowledge, skills and reduces staff attrition.
  • Utilising a combination of cutting edge technology and software with outstanding people.
  • We can provide pilot programmes to test your theory and reduce the risk.

Benefits to you

  • Flexibility in the face of changing customer demands and unknown market forces.
  • Create a competitive edge utilising insight and analysis made available to you.
  • Personalised approach to customer management.
  • Experienced people delivering your “test and learn” approach to new business or products.
  • Insight, Innovation and Continuous Improvement resource as part of the set up.

Our Results

  • 15,000 advisors world-wide using our software.
  • Outstanding results against service levels.
  • Highly engaged employees, on some clients exceeding +91 ENPS.
  • Created new and innovative revenue streams – highlighting to one client their “web drop” opportunity, running a pilot programme and adding 16% increase in sales which would otherwise have been lost.