Introducing Kura...

Who is Kura? We’ve been in business for over 20 years providing people and technology solutions that enable our clients to provide great service and grow their customer base. In 2015 we re-branded as Kura following a successful management buyout of the company and are on a journey to build a unique business in our Industry.

Our thinking has been shaped by what we believe to be two structural problems in the Outsourcing Industry:

  • The role of front line employees is hugely undervalued and poorly supported to the detriment of the end customer
  • The nature of the relationship between the client and the “supplier” has been too transactional, too task oriented, too master/servant again to the detriment of the end customer

Our Philosophy & Vision will naturally solve these challenges by focusing on people…..truly focusing on people…..not just saying it because we are a business that happens to have lots of people. Our Philosophy is

“To help people be the best they can be”

We believe that work is intensely personal. At Kura we weave personal growth into our daily work. This is as important to us as business growth. We help people reach levels of performance they wouldn’t have thought possible. A Kura employee comes to work thinking “I know what I will be working on today……myself”. This is the essence of Kura Philosophy.

Our Vision for Kura is aspirational. We have no idea how long it will take us to get there. It’s the journey that inspires and motivates us. Our Vision is

“To be recognised across all organisations as unrivalled in managing people”

We spend our time differently from other organisations. We take the time to understand people. We treat them as individuals. We help them to build their capability and self-belief with spectacular results.

On the journey to realising our Vision we are building a unique culture. A culture based on values that create the safe environment needed to learn and grow. Our Values are

  • Communication – We value people who take the time to listen and communicate clearly and effectively
  • Vulnerability – We value people who openly share their mistakes and weaknesses
  • Learning – We value people with passion to improve
  • Courage – We value people who say and do the right thing when it matters most
  • Accountability – We value people who meet their commitments

These values are not just values stuck on a website. They are how we go about our business. They underpin our relationships with our clients. When our people demonstrate these values they are recognised, given broader responsibilities and rewarded accordingly.

Our Philosophy, Our Vision, Our Values are what Kura is all about. This is Kura.