Customer Service and the Ever-changing Landscape

Statistically, most recorded customer experiences with organisations are conducted in person, by phone, or on an organisation’s website or email. However, social media platforms like WhatsApp have become a lot more visible in the customer service landscape. With this in mind, Kura can offer omni-channel communication solutions with first class customer service in a variety of industries i.e. Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Insurance and more.


Based on the findings of the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, published in July of this year, moving to an omni-channel platform for your customer service needs could be a beneficial decision due to the demand from the evolving landscape for multiple channels of communication to engage with customers and their needs.


Why should you consider Kura for your Outsourcing solutions?


Through our expert Insights team and our excellent track record in providing high quality results, we have been able to identify areas in which we can help you take your customer service to the next level;


  • Kura is a global customer service outsourcer with full omni-channel capabilities.
  • We offer fully integrated customer service solutions tailored to client’s individual needs.
  • We deliver a cost-effective, customer centric approach with scope for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • We will help you grow your revenues and improve efficiency with our proven sales strategies and exceed the results you’re looking for.
  • Through years of listening to customer and advisor feedback, we have produced our best and most powerful suite of contact centre solutions to automate the easy stuff for your products and help advisors with the hard stuff.


In an ever-changing customer service landscape, our success lies in how we adapt to navigate these changes in customer demands and through a partnership with Kura today, you can utilise the transformative potential of outsourcing and omni-channel solutions to improve your sales and engagement strategies and elevate your customer service.