Social Media Case Study

The Industry

The utility sector is complex, tightly regulated and volatile. Competition within the sector is fierce, and new entrants are gaining momentum in this space. Customer perception of the industry has long been poor, and in today’s digital age, customers have access to information 24 hours a day and are more informed than ever before. Customers now demand a great service on their channel of choice and expect to do this at any time.

Customer service in the digital age is no longer a nice to have – it is becoming a regulatory requirement and essential for providers to remain competitive in this space.

Client Challenges

The client had been listed in the bottom of the “Big Six” for customer service. They recognised the need to improve their performance and reduce both customer frustration and costs across different customer groups: direct debit, quarterly credit and more vulnerable pre-payment meter users. Our client needed to protect their existing customer base while continuing to attract and grow new business. They therefore needed a contact centre solution fit for the 21st century.

Client Objectives

Our client had four clear objectives:

  1. Increase access to customer service through a range of social media channels.
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints across all customer groups.
  3. Reduce customer churn and increase customer retention.
  4. Provide a superior and differentiated customer experience at a reduced cost.

Our Approach

We deployed our most experienced and empowered employees to work on a dedicated social media campaign for the client. From initial discussion to go-live, the implementation of the solution took just six weeks, with service provision spanning a range of social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

We also rolled out market-leading salaries, strengthening staff retention. Finally, we introduced Kura Evolve, our customer insight programme. Kura Evolve gathers rich customer data to support our client with call and cost reduction programmes and service improvement initiatives.


  • 35,000 social media interactions per annum

  • Month over month growth on contact volumes of 15%

  • Effective online interventions to manage customer queries

  • Industry-leading speed-of-answer performance of less than 60 mins

  • 90%+ customer complaints resolved in less than 14 days

  • Personalised and effective channel shifting solution to support customers with complex enquiries

The results of the social media campaign were so successful that the programme was extended. The campaign helped to reduce the time taken to resolve customer queries, improving customers’ experience. With a customer service strategy fit for the 21st century, our client is now able to manage digital customer issues and perceptions.