The Benefits of Outsourcing to South Africa

June marked the fifth anniversary of Kura in South Africa with the opening of our brand-new site at Richefond Circle in Durban. This site underlines our expansion within South Africa and our global ambitions. It has been an incredible journey thus far, filled with remarkable achievements, valuable partnerships, and the growth and development of countless talented people.


South Africa is one of the most promising outsourcing destinations for global clients today. As an emerging African nation, it has been able to level with some of the top outsourcing locations like India and the Philippines in only a few years.


Outsourcing to South Africa with Kura comes with a great number of benefits for businesses seeking cost-effective but incredibly high-quality solutions such as;


  1. Language and Culture Compatibility – Ranking 12th out of 111 countries in Education First’s English Proficiency Index, the English language is widely spoken and understood in South Africa making it an attractive destination for English-language outsourcing. This is incredibly beneficial for clients and businesses where English is their chosen language of communication as South African agents are very adaptable to the variety of accents within the language and can communicate clearly and effectively with any customer base.
  2. Time Zone Advantage – SAST (South Africa Standard Time) is compatible with many Western countries, particularly in Europe. This means that real-time collaboration and communications are feasible, this allows for efficient project management and quicker response to inquiries.
  3. Skilled Workforce – South Africa has a well-educated and skilled workforce, particularly in areas such as IT, customer service, finance and more. The country has a strong educational system and produces graduates in various fields, ensuring access to a diverse talent pool. This is why Kura have partnered with reputable programmes such as Signa’s Youth Employment Services and The Sprout Foundation to ensure that this pool of exceptional talent is harnessed and developed to its greatest potential.
  4. Quality of Work ­– South African professionals are renowned for having a very strong work ethic and commitment to delivering high-quality results. This dedication to excellence can translate into better outcomes for outsourced projects and clients that are looking for exceptional service and quality for their customers as South Africa fields a great level of expertise in a vast number of industries.
  5. Exceptional Locations – Kura have been active in Durban for more than five years now and it is not just for the immense talent, but for the locational benefits that come hand in hand with this. Durban offers an abundance of talented professionals and Kura have delivered 108% in our recruitment drives from this incredibly strong pool of talent for our clients meaning that we can scale and cater to any future client that wishes to set up in this location. Durban also boasts an excellent quality of life for employees, with its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and recreational activities. Providing a positive work-life balance for our employees can lead to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity.


South Africa stands as an exceptional destination for any potential clients looking for a harmonious blend of expertise, cost effectiveness, and a favourable business environment. The nation’s skilled and well-educated workforce, along with its stunning natural beauty and cultural richness, offers an attractive backdrop for fostering productive partnerships. South Africa not only offers immediate advantages, but it also promises enduring success for any business that chooses to establish their presence in this vibrant nation.