Kura and The Sprout Foundation Join Forces to Empower South Africa's High School Learners and Unemployed Youth

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Kura and The Sprout Foundation, two organisations dedicated to making a positive impact in South Africa. Together, we aim to support high school learners and the unemployed youth on their journey to becoming job-ready and create meaningful opportunities.

Kura is one of the UK’s largest independent Outsourcers with offices in the UK and have operated in Durban, South Africa for over 5 years. The Sprout Foundation is a renowned nonprofit organisation focused on empowering disadvantaged communities by equipping individuals with the skills and resources they need to thrive. They are experts in offering training, mentorship, and support to unemployed youth, guiding them towards meaningful employment opportunities through the practice of impact sourcing.


Chief Culture officer, Julie McIntosh at Kura comments, “The partnership between Kura and The Sprout Foundation helps us to solidify our impact in South Africa and allow Kura to be part of the solution to end youth unemployment in the country. We are proud of this partnership and are excited to see it flourish”.

Through this exciting partnership, Kura and The Sprout Foundation will combine our strengths and resources to create a comprehensive programme that addresses the challenges faced by South Africa’s school students and unemployed youth. Our joint efforts will centre around ensuring the future workforce in South Africa is equipped with the necessary skills to enter the world of work.

Our joint efforts will revolve around equipping the future workforce in South Africa with the necessary skills to thrive in the job market while making a positive social impact. By embracing this innovative approach, we aim to empower the youth, bridge educational gaps, and create sustainable job opportunities for those who need it the most.

We are incredibly excited about the potential of this partnership and the positive change we can bring to South Africa’s youth. By combining our expertise and resources, Kura and The Sprout Foundation will work tirelessly to uplift communities, bridge educational gaps, and empower the future generation of leaders.