An Inside Look: Meet the Faces Behind Kura’s Success


At Kura, celebrating our people is important to us. We believe people are at the heart of what we do, and that is why highlighting the people making Kura a success is a must for our company. Whether it is inspiring career progression or a standout attitude, there are plenty of people at Kura who make it what it is.

Customer service is all about human connection, with our advisors being a key touchpoint for your customers, so rest assured knowing that there’s a team of people supporting your success. Our expert HR, learning and development and senior management team is dedicated to making Kura a better work environment for everyone, ensuring that your advisors are supported in every way to get the most out of their job.

Here, we will look at a couple of faces who are making Kura a better place.


Julie McQuade

At Kura, we want all our staff to experience professional growth in the direction they want. In fact, our dedication means that we put 150,000 hours’ worth of training into our employees each year. Developing people is what we do, and Julie McQuade is one example of the excellence that comes with our teams.

Julie joined Kura at 20. Her passion for customer interaction and problem-solving motivated her to pursue a career in this industry and has seen her excel. Joining Kura, Julie quickly built rapport with her colleagues, making her initial experiences enjoyable with the good work environment we aim to provide.

Through the years, Julie has proven resilience, overcoming every challenge and excelling throughout the company. 2016 Julie transitioned to handling utility complaints and was quickly promoted to Team Manager in 2017.

Her career at Kura has been marked by significant advancements, including roles such as Complaints Advisor, Complaints Team Manager, Grad Manager, Ops Manager, Customer Experience Leader, and ultimately, Head of Operations. She has also supported both sales and client delivery across the UK – making her a frontrunner in exceptional service.

She has been instrumental in key projects and initiatives at Kura, including the grad project and onboarding new clients. But never one to stop developing and learning, Julie aims to enhance team development through mentorship and ongoing learning initiatives, fostering a collaborative and innovative culture at Kura – something we are very proud of.

Find out more about Julie’s journey here.


Ciaran Rankin

Another face leading the future of Kura is Ciaran Rankin. With previous experience in retail, Ciaran already showed exceptional promise in customer service when he started at Kura. His proactive approach and quick learning led to rapid career progression at Kura, showcasing his excellent customer service skills and development.

Ciaran advanced through specialist advisor roles to senior positions like team manager, senior operations manager, and head of client solutions. His experience in operational management, client engagement, and systems expertise have aided in both his development and the progression of the company. His strategic leadership has been pivotal in onboarding new business areas, revitalising functions, and achieving significant KPI turnarounds.

We supported Ciaran’s development with training and mentorship, enhancing his leadership, efficiency, and planning skills. This ensured that he had the skills and confidence to lead teams and changes within the business.

Continually looking to further develop himself and the company, Ciaran aims to expand Kura’s solutions function, focusing on continuous improvement and new business opportunities, contributing to mutual growth and success.

Find out more about Ciaran’s progress here.


Afsana Kemraj

Afsana Kemraj is another face improving the future of Kura for herself and her colleagues. Stepping into an HR role, Afsana is continually improving the working environment and is crucial to the development of our people-first workplaces.

Afsana’s professional progression saw her stepping into a role as an HR Generalist.  Starting as a Data Capturer in March 2021, Afsana has always had a strong commitment to work. Her transition into HR has seen her make significant contributions, including organising the annual Momentum Wellness Day, promoting employee health, and earning the Kudos Recognition Award for Learning Value in August 2023.

But it doesn’t stop here; Afsana will continue her development with Kura, as she plans to complete her HR management studies and aspire to become an HR Business Partner at Kura. She aims to enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction, contributing to Kura’s success through effective HR strategies.

Kura has played a crucial role in Afsana’s personal and professional growth, instilling discipline, focus, and organisational skills. Kura’s supportive environment and structured goal-setting have improved her strategic thinking, efficiency, and overall productivity. Afsana’s journey at Kura highlights the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering holistic growth.

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Having the right people in the company is vital for customer service. You want to know not only that your customers are getting the best experience when they’re talking to one of our advisors but also that we have people behind the scenes continually improving the training, support, and understanding of everyone within our business. Our key values have been a large part of our company and something which all three people here follow with close care.


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