Kura Opens New Sites

I’m delighted to announce that KURA has been selected as a strategic partner for energy giant Scottish Power for the next five years, making us their largest outsourcing partner. This new contract will see our business expand into new regions including Forres, Morayshire and the Sefton area of Liverpool, securing 500 jobs and adding 700 seats to our expanding portfolio.

This contract award demonstrates Scottish Power’s commitment to our vision of being unrivalled in developing people and is a testament to the high quality of work Kura employees deliver to Scottish Power customers on a daily basis. Last week we opened the doors of our new contact centre in Forres, and TUPE transferred additional employees to our Glasgow sites.  We’re delighted to welcome our new employees to the Kura family and look forward to opening our next site in the Sefton area of Liverpool on the 1st April.

Here at Kura, we’re out to build a very different business in our industry, one that is focused on its people and their development. Our philosophy is to help people be the best they can be and through our values and commitment to personal growth and development at an individual level we will achieve our vision. These new sites and the improvement plans we have for our existing buildings will create the right learning environment for the culture we are building and will provide a great platform for expansion within the UK.

We thank Scottish Power for their recognition of the service our team has provided to their customers over the past four years, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.  We  also  thank  our employees who have worked on Scottish Power,  delivering exceptional customer service on a daily basis.