What Is a Customer Service Job?

Customer service jobs should be considered one of the most important jobs for all businesses. Members of staff that interact directly with customers greatly influence the trajectory of sales and deals.

We here at KURA know a thing or two about customer service, and how entering the industry can teach you new things and help develop your career path.

What is a customer service job?

When you work in customer service, you are the first point of contact for your company’s customer base. Depending on the industry that the company you work for operates in, this could be at a reception working face-to-face with customers. Alternatively, you could work in a call or contact centre where you speak with customers over the phone or through a text chat.

Customer service jobs can take many different forms. These can include:

  • Sales – where you provide your customer with information about both existing and new versions of the products or services your company offers
  • Complaints – dealing with any issues and formal complaints about the quality or application of what they’ve purchased from you.
  • Troubleshooting – some customer service jobs require your knowledge of internal processes and products inside and out, as some customers may struggle with how they work and need assistance from an expert. This is where you come in to help guide them through and make sure their knowledge gaps are filled, so they don’t have to contact you again.

What is Customer service?

Customer service works to establish with the customer that their time is valuable to the business they’re interacting with. Good customer service can make or break a customer’s intention to keep using your business for the product or service you provide.

A bad customer service experience with a customer who may need a situation diffused due to unhappiness could lead to bad reviews and the customer never returning or going to a competitor. However, this can all be avoided with good customer service, and could even lead to building a rapport and encouraging them to return in the future.

Is customer service a good career?

There’s a stigma that surrounds working in customer service that it’s a backup option as many companies are looking to bring in new customer service reps.

A lot of progression can happen from customer service roles. Having to be ready to answer any question a customer throws at you can help you build a lot of knowledge about your business and the practices. As a result, you can apply these skills and information to many other roles thanks to customer service.

Whether it’s a promotion to a managerial role, or a move into a different department, you build up a number of transferrable skills. Communication is such an important one that you develop tenfold through customer service, as well as retention of information if you have a deep list of products and services to provide.


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