Unlocking Growth Potential: The Strategic Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support


Outsourcing customer service is nothing new, but the benefits cannot be stated enough. Businesses in every industry are finding benefits with BPO due to its reliability, expertise, and digital infrastructure built to keep customer satisfaction high.

In industries such as finance, where self-support is becoming a higher demand, being able to use human advisors and technology options to your advantage is a must. Here, we will explore the strategic benefits your finance business can gain from outsourcing your customer support, and the ways we are demonstrating this on a daily basis.

Why your business should be outsourcing

Outsourcing has plenty of strategic benefits for a business. Whether you’re looking to reduce overheads or offer a more comprehensive customer service experience, outsourcing can be the right solution. Emerging as an up-and-coming BPO must-have, outsourcing customer service is the strategic decision you need to make when considering better customer experiences for a fraction of the in-house price.

The benefits of outsourcing your customer service approach include:

Around the clock support

In industries such as finance, having a customer service team who can react quickly, no matter the time of day, is a must. From lost bank cards to fraudulent claims, you need teams who can support your global initiatives around the clock.

Outsourcing your customer service is the best way to ensure that you’ve got the expertise, at the right time, to manage these situations. By being able to support markets across Europe and North America, outsourcing your customer service activities can reduce the costs spent on overnight or excessive overtime in-house. This provides your customers with the support they need without the additional cost of internal resources and workforce.

Cost efficiency

One of the top reasons businesses across the globe entrust their customer service activities with outsourced contact centres is cost efficiency. If you’re looking for better quality customer service for a fraction of the cost, you don’t want to be spending the extra time, money, and resources it will take to train in-house workforces.

Don’t compromise on quality. By outsourcing you can start your better customer experience straight away with fully functioning and experienced teams of advisors. This way, you can cut customer service overhead costs without impacting the customer experience. The pre-established infrastructure and skilled workforce make outsourcing the best option for businesses wanting to provide exceptional customer service without the costs associated elsewhere.

Skilled workforce

Contact centres have skilled workforces that continually improve the customer service experience. Our continual development and dedication to our people mean that our advisors are trained and confident in handling even the most sensitive calls. Our customer service approach leverages expert knowledge in the finance industry with a dedicated, confident workforce.

Not only will you have a skilled workforce that can handle all complaints and calls with sensitivity and support, backed by industry know-how, but our clean and concise communication and analysis of scripting approaches will also ensure lower callbacks. Clear and concise communication with customers can lead to better satisfaction ratings and quicker resolution times, ensuring your customers are heard globally.

Our skilled workforce continually meet exceptional KPIs. In fact, we’ve managed to match a 96% KPI delivery, including customer satisfaction, first contact resolutions, and more.

Advanced technical infrastructure

Contact centres have robust IT and telecommunication infrastructures in place to support your customer service initiatives. It is important to outsource customer service with a trusting, already established BPOs with strong customer experience. If you want to invest in a strong workforce that can handle your customer service needs with exceptional scalability and flexibility to suit your customer demands, outsourcing can help. From scaling up your advisor team to meet high call volumes during ramp periods to relying on a smaller team during downtimes, BPOs have all the IT, skillsets, and flexibility to meet your business needs in time.

Quality assurance

Customer service providers can also assure you of the quality you need for your customer experience, ensuring that customers remain as happy as possible. Stringent quality assurances often found in contact centres mean that you won’t be missing out on quality by outsourcing or lose the branding quality of leaving in-house. ISO certifications and other quality assurances are in place to ensure the continual success of your contact and customer communications.

The strong skillsets of customer service representatives mean that there is always someone on hand with the right qualities and experience to manage any customer queries. From sensitive subjects, including debt and payment collection, to general queries, there is no lack of consistency and quality.

Our quality assurance is backed by our +52 client NPS. We are continually aiming to please our clients and that is why we see such a high score – achieved through exceptional work that lasts.

Our BPO excellence in finance

Here at Kura, we’ve been working across industries with 12+ million interactions a year, including in the finance sector. Our focus has always been nurturing and developing the exceptional communication talent available in our contact centres, ensuring the industry experience is strong enough to handle any communications on your company’s behalf. Through a mix of our customer service solutions, we have managed a 3.5% reduction in global handling times, ensuring that no matter where your customers are, they’re heard.

In fact, we’ve been so dedicated to this that we now outperform competitors 97% of the time – providing exceptional quality assurance to our clients, going above the standard. 

Outsourcing your customer service needs not only comes with the immediate advantages of cost-cutting, quality assurance, and skilled workforces, but it can also be a step in the right direction for growth, adaptability, and success for your business. Our dynamic contact centres mean it is a perfect decision for businesses investing in a scalable and flexible customer service approach focusing on benefitting the customer.