Top Kura talent go lean to improve

Our core philosophy is to ‘help people be the best they can be’ and we’ve recently demonstrated our commitment to developing the very best talent in the industry with the launch of a new employee accreditation programme aimed at improving business efficiency.

The programme utilises the renowned Lean Six Sigma methodology, which focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. A ‘belts’ system indicates the level of expertise an individual has in applying the methodology, with candidates requiring to demonstrate that they meet the certification criteria through a series of process improvement initiatives.

We celebrated the launch of the programme by awarding two Team Managers with Yellow belt certifications; recognising that both have achieved foundation knowledge of the two month course content, whilst delivering some smaller scale process improvements over that same period. This was achieved by utilising quality tools such as Pareto and Cause and Effect analysis, in order to prioritise issues and understand the root causes.

The next stage, Green belt certification, requires further in-depth training over a 4 to 6 month period, with Black belts then up-skilling for 12 months or more to lead on large scale process improvements, which will typically include areas such as customer satisfaction, revenue and overall service delivery.

Arceeb Moughal, Director of Client Partenerships  added; “Over the last few years our business has been on an incredible journey, which has not only transformed our working environment but also seen us start to implement a very unique approach to leading and managing our people.”

“The next few months are going to be even more exciting. We will accelerate our roll-out to increase Yellow belt accreditation levels across the business. This will be followed by a Green belt training course which we believe will move both our programme on and add depth to our management capabilities.”