The Two Most Important things in Business

Our CEO, Brian Bannatyne explains what the two most important things are in business and why;

What are the two most important things in business ?

At the end of the day there are only two things in business… People & Culture. Everything else flows from these two things.

Why do you think these are the most important things ?

Getting the right people, focused on the right things and behaving in the right way are the keys to success. This is what Leadership is all about.

 Why does your view differ compared to other organisations in our Industry?

Having not worked in any other organisation in our Industry I can’t comment specifically, but what I would say generally is people tend to be focused on “stuff”. There is satisfaction and value in this but it doesn’t build great organisations. People don’t spend nearly enough time on People.

 What do you think makes a great culture ?

This is driven by the Values of the organisation. What is it we value? How do we want our people to be? In Kura we want our people to be themselves, to question everything, to seek feedback from their colleagues, to have a voice and to demonstrate personal accountability. When people do this they develop very quickly.

 How do you recruit and retain the best people ?

You recruit the best people by investing sufficient time in it. Hugely more than is typical across businesses. You hire for values and behaviours. You retain people by building a great culture where people can grow and be successful.

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