Simplifying Complexity

  • Do you have complex processes or systems?
  • Challenges determining call volume & spikes in your data?
  • Don’t have a voice of the customer?

Kura and Inisoft are the right combination to help you make it simple.

What we do

Simplifying complexity in your business processes has two key factors for us:

  1. Software solutions built with the advisor in mind
  2. Our approach to people (development of the person as our core focus)

Attracting, serving and retaining customers’ needs time, effort and hard work. It’s disappointing when companies throw this all away, and let their customers down, with lengthy or inefficient processes.

Our process focussed approach combined with our innovative technology fits perfectly within your existing business model, bringing together disparate systems and information in to one place simplifying the process for the people enabling them to exceed customer expectations.

Processes that deliver all day, every day, together with our tried and tested approach means we can provide the scale you want, when your customers need it most.

Good companies invest heavily in their frontline sales and service operations. Great companies invest in joining-up the whole customer journey from beginning to end. You’ll always be joined up with our Simplifying Complexity Solution.

How we do it

  • Innovative tailored technology and AI solutions utilising our software company, Inisoft.
  • Syntelate centralises various data sources, legacy systems and CRMs in to a single advisor view – simplifying the job and engaging our people.
  • Industry leading levels of off-line coaching and support time.
  • Creating processes that work day in, day out.
  • Blending of technology and Lean Six Sigma methodology reducing complexity.
  • We have learning environments and people centric processes that create a development driven business, focussed on doing their part in delivering the vision for our clients.

Benefits to you

  • End to end ownership and visibility of all customer contacts.
  • Better experiences for your customers.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable front line advisors.
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity.

Our results

  • 17% reduction in calls through the introduction of web chat.
  • 30% reduction in AHT.
  • Industry leading speed-of-answer performance of less than 60 minutes.
  • Everest Training – speed to competency improvement by 50% and retention of advisors in the first 90 days improved by 30%.