National Customer Service Week - How Are You Getting Involved?

Consumer priorities have changed, nowadays advisor attitude and behaviour are the top things that determined how satisfied your customer can be after a call.

No one would disagree that ‘service’ is a differentiator in any industry, especially as the gap in technology and price becomes less obvious, we are all customers on some level and we all know what great service is. Every time someone shares a story with us about a level of service they have had which has surprised and delighted them, even though it wasn’t you on the end of that, your expectation naturally increases and the bar becomes higher. Delivering great service is the floor.

With businesses showcasing their Omni-channel strategies which are all interesting and important in terms of changing markets and meeting customers’ expectations. We have lost sight of the fundamental here which is the relationship between the customer and our people. Whilst businesses have their Insight teams working on churning data, changing people in MI titles to ‘data scientist’ and so forth we have taken a different approach which is looking at the most important part of any experience, the relationship between customer and our people.

We want words like ‘ownership’, ‘autonomy’ and phrases like ‘doing the right thing’ to become tangible. If you want your people to do a great job, give them a great job to do, if we want our people to be at their best each and every day, we need to give them an environment that allows that to happen. We want people to be the best they can be.

My role

My role is to remove the barriers that stop people delivering simply great service to our customers. Let’s not hide behind a title or strategy, its simple, if I am not removing the barriers, I am not doing my job.


National Customer Service Week

Is a great opportunity for people to get out from behind their desks and offices and get closer to their people and customers. Spend an hour, half a day, a day, or even the week out listening to your customers and people and then have a look at your strategy and see if its doing what you think it is. Sometimes we get caught up in the rush of the day, week and month, NCSW helps us all refocus.


How you are getting involved?

We have loads of great activities planned, some of the team are ‘going back to school’, by spending time in training rooms across the week learning about our early life advisor journey. The team are holding breakfast club getting to meet some of our newer members of the team.

We are really taking this week to make sure the areas we have within our plan to improve our customer and people experience are the right things. We want to get closer to our people and customers this week. We are also taking this week to say thank you and well done to our people, we have a lot of great people and we don’t always stop and celebrate our successes, we are delivering some random acts of kindness along with surprising and delighting some people, the week will end with a recognition ceremony and red carpet event.


Chris Chance
Head of Customer Service
Scottish Power

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