My Passion for Sales!

My Kura Journey

Since the beginning I have always been a sales advisor but not always on the same campaign. When I moved into my current campaign I was made to feel very welcome, it’s crazy how quickly everyone here feels like family. I am a very loud and outgoing person and I love to be able to move around in the team and get to know everyone personally and offer help and support when necessary.

My Role as a Sales Advisor

Personally, I believe it’s all about introducing your personality when talking to the customer. I like to think of it as having a conversation with someone you’ve just met and building a good rapport with them. I tailor each conversation to look for the benefits for the customer and to suit each person individually. They always appreciate your kindness and it’s such a buzz knowing you’ve got a sale and helped someone out at the same time.

My Working Environment

I love it, there’s such a buzz! I’ve made so many friends at Kura and everybody knows me, especially because I’m so loud! I’d say that the best thing about working here are the people, it’s like one big family. The atmosphere is brilliant and you’re on a high all the time from the constant buzz. You can’t beat the feeling of your team cheering you on when you achieve something and get a sale; it encourages you to do more. Kura also offers incentives as ways of encouragement.

My Biggest Challenge

Learning the digital systems at my age was a new experience, I knew computer basics but it was something different that I’d never had to use before. Cracking that was definitely my biggest achievement! If I can do it anyone can, believe me! There is lots of training and support available too and everyone is there to lend a hand if you need it.

Patricia (Tish) Donnellan- Sales Advisor, Sunderland