Kura Recognition

Our Vision is to be “Unrivalled in Developing People.” In order to achieve  our goal it is important to recognise the development our People, those who have undertaken a work ethic that helps them to succeed in demonstrating our Values.

We believe that recognition is important, so each quarter within our Business Briefing to show our appreciation to those who have gone the extra mile, we present not only an award but we tell the story as to how.

Following this month’s briefing we asked our award winners, to tell us how they feel… Kura People ask Questions – so we asked our winners…

What does Recognition mean to you?

“It’s nice that the business acknowledged my hard work, I always wants to help and don’t just do it for the recognition but it is nice to be appreciated. I was pleasantly surprised and it has been a great help for Christmas.”Martyn Beard

“I shocked but very happy to have received the award. For me I think it means a good sense of encouragement and acknowledgment to know that people are noticing that you are doing your best and should be rewarded for that no matter where they are in the business.”- Ryan Harper

“The recognition I received means so much, I come to work every day with the passion to do my best and get the best from my team. I take the complaint work I do serious and make sure everyone is doing the right thing for the customer, alongside ensuring that the client side of complaints runs smoothly. To be given recognition for doing my job just gives me that little extra spring in my step.”Donna Laws

“Recognition means a lot to myself as I feel like I always trial new things within the complaints team to support the campaign, some days I question myself ‘am I making the right decision’ or ‘should I do this’ but receiving this award has shown I shouldn’t question myself and continue to work hard and ensure I am doing everything to support the campaign every day. Also within the time period I have been managing the complaints team this reward has shown my work has not gone unnoticed as I have been recommended for learning throughout the role which is a massive achievement for myself. Again I would like to thank you for this reward.”Christina Ramshaw

“It is nice to be finally acknowledged for my long service to the business and now feel appreciated” Graeme Harman

“Recognition to me is getting noticed by Kura. Kura is going above and beyond to praise us for doing the job we do every day. My award was for learning, as a Team Manager every day is a new day to learn different skills, gaining more information and doing the best job I can for my team.”Pierce Foster

“It means a lot to be honest, when someone takes the time to thank someone; it feels good that someone is actually recognising that you are doing something good for the business rather than only coming in and doing a day’s work.”Liam Oliver

“It gives me great feeling to know that I have made a difference and gives me a boost to work harder and continue to give a high standard of work. It feels good to be recognised by other members of the business.”Cheryl Maddison

“It shows me I am being recognised for the right reasons and I am doing everything right. It has given me more confidence in myself and others have noticed this too.” Natalie May

“Recognition is an acknowledgement by the company that I’m not just a number and should strive to achieve recognition for all of Kura’s core values.”Chuen Chan

I was pleasantly taken aback when I received my award as it was unexpected; it’s great to see the hard work applied is recognised by peers, senior staff and stakeholders; it makes all the effort feel worthwhile and that I have contributed to making a positive difference to my campaign and the business. Recognition encourages me to continue applying myself to helping make a difference for both the people and business overall.”Nicola Docherty

 “It means a show of appreciation for consistently exceeding targets or portraying role model behaviour, Reward’s for meeting campaign goals and going above and beyond and getting Positive feedback from the management team”Ben Gannon

 “It means that what I have achieved is important, and doesn’t go unmissed and what we achieved is appreciated.”Sinead McBeth

“I’m happy that I am seen as a valued team member and getting nominated for spokesperson when briefs are given out to the team.”Jodie Costello

“It’s nice to be praised for the things you do that are important to us and the company. I love special mentions. WE LOVE KURA!”Kirsty Scothern

“Recognition to me is being noticed, valued and appreciated for contribution and hard work.”Charley Maddison

It means a lot definitely. To have recognition is great, especially when I haven’t been here too long. It shows that working hard does actually pay off and most definitely doesn’t go unnoticed either which is brilliant. It’s good to know that you are doing something right and spurs you on to keep working to the best of my ability, to not only do myself proud, but the company too.”Kyle Pirie

“In my entire working life I’ve displayed more or less the same behaviours as it’s just who I am as a person, this was often short lived as most of the work I was doing was flying under the radar in other firms, Kura is the very first company I have worked with that has harnessed this behaviour and kept it alive from the top of the hierarchy down, personally there is no better feeling for being recognised and receiving a “Pat on the back” because it keeps my behaviour consistent and in that same breath allows me to pass positivity from myself, to colleagues and even the team I’m now responsible for. Thank you to everyone involved, from the bottom of my heart, it means more than you could ever know”- Lewis Mitchell

‘’I really appreciated receiving the award for ”Passion for Kura” as I am happy to know that my hard work isn’t going un-noticed on the floor from management and also other agents. Also the prize of £100 love to shop vouchers will really come in handy as it is coming up to Christmas’’James Myles

“It was really refreshing to receive an award for demonstrating “Learning” which is one of our many values that KURA stands for. I feel it’s important to seek feedback but just as important to implement the feedback into the workplace in a productive manner. The £100 John Lewis voucher was a big surprise and will come in really useful especially with the seasonal period around the corner!”- Craig Birch

“Recognition means that my managers have recognised that I have worked hard to improve my stats. I feel very proud of this and this has improved my confidence. Thank you.” – Hilda Crane

Kura is building a culture that focuses on People and Behaviour. Our Values are extremely important in the development of this culture. Congratulations to everyone, looking forward to Quarter 2!