Kura invests in Learnerships

The Contact Centre industry is rapidly emerging as the next knowledge worker profession. This year, Kura has partnered with Signa Academy to extend a remarkable opportunity to 49 of our employees – a NQF Level 4 Contact Centre Operations qualification. This programme is tailored to cater to the needs of individuals who have chosen Contact Centre Operations as their chosen career path.

The primary objective of this qualification is to foster the development of knowledge and skills essential within the Contact Centre domain. By equipping our learners with this qualification, we aim to produce competent and knowledgeable individuals capable of enhancing productivity and efficiency within the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Moreover, the qualification serves as a platform for recognising prior learning, allowing current professionals in this field to upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge base. Structured to encompass a set of core competences, the programme imparts a comprehensive understanding of Contact Centre Operations and supervision.

In addition to the Contact Centre Operations qualification, Kura has also taken the initiative to support 20 unemployed learners in completing a NQF Level 3 in Business Administration.

This qualification equips learners with the essential knowledge, skills, and values necessary for proficient administration. Areas covered include information handling, communications, enterprise and customer service, technology, organisational skills, self-development, teamwork, and business policies and procedures. The elective component of the programme allows learners to gain specialised knowledge and insights in areas such as reception, executive administration, financial services and banking, legal administration, and human resources.

Both these Learnerships span a 12-month period and encompass a blend of theoretical and practical components. Throughout the duration of the programme, learners will be supported by dedicated Facilitators to guide them through their learning journey. We are excited to announce that these Learnerships will be offered annually, providing all Kura employees with a fantastic opportunity for growth and development.

Kura takes immense pride in the commitment shown by these 69 learners to invest in their personal and professional development. We wish them the best of luck on their journey towards success and excellence!