International Women's Day 2021

 An Interview with Technology Director, Oonagh McBride

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021.

Julie Houston, Internal Communications Manager asks our Technology Director, Oonagh McBride how she built her career in tech as we celebrate women’s achievements across the world today and every day.

1.         Oonagh, you’re the Director of Technology for Kura and the Head of Inisoft.  What interested you in following a career in technology?

I wanted to work in medical physics, so I applied to do an MSc in Medical Physics at Aberdeen University. But there was a better funding option available if I combined Medical Physics with IT, so I did that instead. During the course I worked out that I hated hospitals and loved programming. Ironically, my first job after graduating was in the technology department of a hospital.

2.         Did you always have a love for tech?

Yes. I pestered my parents to get me a home computer and as soon as they gave me one I immediately learned how to programme.

3.         Do you feel like you were viewed differently for being a woman?

No. My career with Inisoft has gone from strength to strength and I have never felt that I was held back or viewed differently in anyway.  I have always felt equal to my male counterparts.

4.         What is the highlight of your career journey so far?

Our current product, Syntelate XA. I’m proud of what we have created and the team (of both female and male) for their vision and dedication to our product. I have some impressive female leaders in my team who will shape the future of tech not just in Inisoft but in the industry.

5.         Finally, the theme for IWD21 is #choosetochallenge. What is your challenge to females interested in a career in tech?

In solidarity with this year’s IWD campaign, #choosetochallenge I choose to question gender stereotypes.

There’s only one thing that should influence your career choice – your talent. My advice to women considering a role in tech is:

  • First, be confident and take pride in what you’re good at!
  • Second, show off your skills and share your knowledge.
  • Last but certainly not least, find your niche and become expert in it.

Today we celebrate women’s achievements, we raise awareness against gender bias and take action for equality.