How to Outsource Customer Service the Right Way

Outsourcing customer service can be a strategic move for organisations looking to optimise resources across their business or navigate challenging periods while maintaining top-notch service standards. Once you’ve made the decision to outsource, here’s a comprehensive guide to ensuring a successful partnership with Kura.

Craft a Clear Vision and Define Your Requirements

When entrusting customer service to an outsourcing partner, having a well-defined vision is paramount. Clearly articulate your goals and the specific support you expect from your outsourcer. Kura provides an array of outsourcing possibilities, spanning outbound and inbound customer services across diverse industries, from utilities to healthcare.

As a company seeking to streamline its physical workforce while expanding customer service capabilities, it’s vital to outline your needs from the outsourcing relationship precisely. For instance, if you boast a robust social media presence and a versatile website equipped with a chatbot for routine queries, your outsourcer should seamlessly align with your vision.

In scenarios where your in-house team struggles to manage omnichannel demands, causing a backlog in emails due to a focus on social media messages, Kura stands out with its 24/7 multi-channel coverage:

“Our inbound customer service solutions encompass SMS, email, web chat, social media, and self-service tools, complemented by skilled professionals ready to assist with intricate customer requirements.”


Forge a Partnership with a Respected Outsourcing Provider

Undoubtedly, when opting to outsource customer service, selecting a reputable third-party representative that matches your brand’s culture is of paramount importance. Kura, with its extensive experience aiding over 1 million customers annually in diverse sectors and managing over 1.7 million inbound calls yearly, stands as a leading example.


With more than 750,000 dedicated hours invested in training, Kura guarantees a professional representation of your brand while delivering unparalleled service to your clients. Boasting a true omnichannel presence, Kura streamlines the customer journey through efficient processes. Utilising robust call centre software, previous customer interactions are effortlessly accessible, empowering advisors to concentrate on customers rather than searching for information.


Establish Brand Guidelines and Tone of Voice

Preserving your brand’s unique tone of voice is pivotal during the outsourcing process. Drawing from its experience in various industries, Kura maintains your brand identity when engaging with customers. Consistency in brand guidelines and tone ensures that external communications align seamlessly with your company’s persona.


With Kura’s expertise extending to intricate sectors like financial services and insurance, proactive follow-up calls are integrated to guarantee customer satisfaction and complete issue resolution.

You’ve already made the strategic choice to outsource your customer service operations. The next crucial step is to see it through effectively, and that starts with selecting the right partner.