Finding My Kura Way

So, Why Kura?

I had just completed my marketing degree at Glasgow Caledonian University. I wanted to work for a company that I could develop in, as I wasn’t yet sure the industry I would thrive in, and what my options were. I saw an advert for Kura on a jobsite and due to the potential development opportunities, I applied.

I came to Kura with a plan. I wanted to progress and it was clear from the beginning that opportunities were available internally and that the only person that would stop me progressing, was me.

Making my way back to Marketing

Two years into my Kura journey I was satisfied in my role (I had in fact moved into RealTime, supporting the planning of agent’s call, coaching and development time) and I had learned new skills which I knew I could absolutely utilise elsewhere. Our company Intranet had published a new role within the marketing department for a Digital Marketing Executive. Straight away I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Only a few people within the business knew that I was applying for the role but their support could not be faulted, even during the interviews I felt at ease as I could tell that the interviewers and recruitment specialists were rooting for me to do well. When I found out that I got the job I was delighted, it felt like the right time to make the move to a new department and kick start my marketing career.

Promoting Our Vision

Our Vision is to be “Unrivalled in Developing People” is something that I actually see every day. You can go to any floor of our contact centre and you will meet someone that has developed through Kura. The Kura Values are crucial to this. Every month everyone completes monthly ‘2M’s’ to talk through how they have demonstrated the Kura Values and what they can do to improve and progress further.

Having been in the industry over two years now I am delighted that I can plan and interact with my peers, using my knowledge to promote yet more stories like mine.

Follow My Journey

To keep up to date with my Kura journey connect with Kura (CS) Ltd on LinkedIn  and Facebook. I manage our social channels for all Kura sites in the UK; building new relationships and hopefully through the power of social media, showing others why I love working at Kura!

Stella Linnen
People Person and Digital Marketer