Celebrating Pride Month

June is Pride month; a movement which started back in 1969 and continues to be celebrated to this day. Pride month is about celebrating the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community and as part of this community; it is always a time that I reflect on who I am as a person.

Pride is not just about the parades, parties and celebration; to me it is about being yourself and defending your right to be who you are without fear of hate. In the current climate we are in; this could not be more relatable than ever before.

Pride to me; is being grumpy in the morning. Laughing hysterically like a hyena. Wearing whatever I want to wear and not caring what people think (even my Beauty and the Beast hoodie). It is being sassy when I know I’m right, and even sometimes when I’m wrong. It is being compassionate to those who deserve it. It is being sad; when I feel sad. It is eating a McDonald’s and not feeling guilty. It is loving my friends and family unconditionally. It’s being harder on myself than anyone else. It is attempting to sing at the top of my lungs; even though I know I can’t hit that high note. It is being a perfectionist. It is that cheeky chappy smile I put on when I know I am pushing someone’s buttons. Pride to me; is me being me!

Kura has been a big part of that journey for me. When I joined the business, many years back, I was accepted as “Chris”. It was the first time I met people as the real me. They got to know me; they became my colleagues; my mentors; my friends. Kura pushed me to challenge and learn about myself; put me in challenging positions to understand my motivations, behaviours and reactions. It has also taken care of me during difficult times; and supported me through this.

To me; Kura celebrates Pride. It is who it is and is not ashamed of being different in the marketplace. Kura has helped me, be me. I am thankful that we live in a world that is learning to appreciate everyone who lives in it.

And in this uncertain world; it is important to be you!