Celebrating Exceptional Relationships

Great brands know the value of great customer service; seems straight forward doesn’t it?   But in  today’s “always on” market, it is increasingly difficult to provide a consistent customer experience through multiple channels.


When it’s face to face it should be easy and you’d think it would be the same by phone, but we all know that it’s not, then when we add technology channels like the web, email, chat or social media, making an emotional connection and ultimately creating a great or exceptional experience every time for customers gets to be more and more difficult.


At Kura we wholehearted believe that exceptional customer service is about people. It’s in the role of the Customer Service Advisor, that by enabling and empowering them to do the right thing every time, and by focusing on their personal development, they will build great relationships – and for us the route to great customer service is relationships, pretty straightforward really.


In an industry where the constant drive is towards automation and reduced human interaction, we cannot lose sight of the simple fact that customers are people – and people need other people, to listen, to respond, to resolve, to manage, to connect, to engage, to help, to relate…….. regardless of the media.


We do things differently at Kura, our philosophy is to help people be the best they can be and our vision is to be unrivalled in developing people across all organisations not just call centres. With our philosophy and our ultimate aim, we spend over 9000 hours a week focusing on our people, helping them improve and develop knowing that as we help our people they help others. The Advisor is our most important role bar none. In our view making sure they have the tools, skills and are empowered translates to the ability to manage complex customer issues to a consistently exceptional level regardless of the media. People who can connect in the same way on email or chat as they do on the phone, demonstrating the same tone, empathy and understanding, will always do the right thing for a customer, they are the future for brands that care.


As we celebrate Kura’s 1st Birthday during National Customer Service week it’s a great time to reflect and look back on the great service our people deliver day in, day out.


We remember how brands make us feel as customers – both good and bad – getting it right is the power of a great Customer Service Advisor, they deserve our time, attention and thanks!