Can You Outsource Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is something that is beneficial for a growing number of businesses and industries. But what is it – and how could it be the right decision for your business to make for customer services?

What is Outsourcing?

When a business outsources customer service, either inbound or outbound, they are handing many channels, including  customer facing service channels such as sales, retentions, complaints and back office function over to a third party business, such as Kura.

As this is a key part of a business, and can impact reputation, it understandably can be a big decision for businesses to decide whether it is the right approach to them, as ultimately, they want to offer the best services possible. Here are some key questions businesses face with regards to outsourcing.

Will it save me money?

One of the key motives for outsourcing is to make financial savings, and depending on the size of your business, the savings could be considerable.

Bear in mind that although you are paying for outsourcing customer services, you are not paying wages for an individual customer servicers team in your organisation.

What’s more, you will save on equipment and even office space for employees, and any employees that offer customer services could be utilised to add value elsewhere in the business.

Will it offer a better customer experience?

The customer services experience often involves complaints and gives a chance for the company to repair the relationship between themselves and the customer.

We can ensure the services offered are of the highest standard, something which is key to customer satisfaction and retention.

The decision to outsource opens the opportunity to provide a more effective service. Outsourcing customer service allows for channels to be active 24/7, when otherwise they may not have been.

Operating across multiple channels, including SMS, web chat and email, outsourcing with Kura gives a round-the-clock service that is here when your customers require.

Technology is in place and utilised effectively by outsourcers. Features such as chatbots and AI, offer services to help customers and are a service that may be costly and difficult to implement by in-house customer services departments.


Will you know about my business?

Of course. Kura not only specialises in offering services across multiple channels, but also has vast experience in a multitude of industries including utilities, retail and e-commerce, financial services and healthcare.

Comprising industry experience with more than 750,000 hours of training and development, Kura is well-placed to fully immerse within your business and provide a world-class service, and a roadmap for continuous improvement.

We keep up with your customers’ demands, 24/7, in a world where a customer base requires help and answers at any part of the day.

As well as inbound customer services, there is the opportunity to outsource outbound solutions too, and increase your customer satisfaction with Kura.

With a 24% increase in customer satisfaction scores, we are helping business transform all elements of their customer services every day.


The Big Decision

The decision to outsource customer services away from your organisation is a big one, but it is one that can unlock services you are unable to currently offer and increase your customer satisfaction.

By outsourcing to a dedicated, knowledgeable team at Kura, you will be partnering with a trusted name with more than 30 years of experience in financial services, energy and utilities, retail and ecommerce, charity, telecommunications and healthcare industries, with the opportunity to make financial savings and develop a 24-hour presence on a multitude of platforms.

Get in touch with Kura today and discuss how we can help you with your customer services outsourcing.