Are you a People Person? Consider a Career at Kura

If you haven’t ever stepped inside a Contact Centre then you might, like many others, have an idea in your mind of what one is like and what goes on inside. Loud places perhaps, with lots of people squished together, a sea of headsets and repetitive, non-stop talking. I guess in some ways this was my assumption. I had spent two summers ‘answering the phones’ when I was 18 and although I enjoyed my time there, I wasn’t too sure about what I was doing for the company and how my role fitted into the overall needs of the business. I was 18, why would I think this? It wasn’t going to be forever, it was my summer job after all…

Fast forward 15 years and I would go on to work with brand-giants such as Mothercare, Boots and De Rigo. I worked closely with various different departments and learnt a huge amount from each of them. I took interest in business and commerciality and I appreciated the hard work it takes to create something and to be successful.

And then came Kura.

After relocating to Scotland from Hertfordshire last year [insert charming Glaswegian man here], I was after a new focus. I wanted to work somewhere that could offer something other than a product to wear or use, I wanted to sell something that people needed. Sitting right between Marketing and Recruitment, I am now marketing employment to people just like me who are looking to find something new and something they can excel in.
My previous assumptions of Contact Centres are completely gone. Kura is not like anything I have seen before and its culture is certainly not that ‘sea of headsets’ you might still be thinking of even now. Kura is simply all about its people. Its values and its communications are all completely dedicated to the progression of its staff and the nurture of the talent it has recruited. It is a contact centre with a difference and its client portfolio is something to be very proud of.

Kura offers everyone the same opportunity. You can explore new avenues, you can find out about different areas of the business such as HR, Recruitment, Learning and Development and Operations. The employee benefits are truly competitive, with 28 days holiday minimum, company pension, endless discount options for a fab list of retailers, a dress down Friday to look forward to each week, charity events that happen constantly through our Engagement Committee and most importantly, a definite focus on your own personal development and building your career.

I’m a People Person.

I honestly love Marketing. My part of the Kura plan is to reach out, push the boundaries, and promote who we are and to explore our creative avenues. In order to do this I always consider Customer Service. It’s everywhere. It’s how we speak, how we work together, how we manage relationships, the lasting impression we leave. My point is that I didn’t know ‘what I wanted to do’ aged 18 – and look at me now! Happy in my lane with fond memories of my summer job all those years ago.

I am looking forward to my new chapter and the support of Kura as I continue to better myself and push my career forward.

Are you looking for a brand new opportunity?… Consider a Career at Kura.