2017 - What's in Store?

I feel bad because I missed my deadline to the Marketing Team to share my predictions for the year ahead. They are excellently persistent though and it’s not quite the end of January so I can just about get away with putting this out now.


I don’t have a list of predictions. I have some thoughts and just one prediction:


  1. The challenges and complexities facing our front line people will continue to grow as channels proliferate and customer expectations rise.
  2. The need to put a holistic view of the customer in the hands of our front line people will become ever more apparent. Ask your people. They will tell you.
  3. The personal characteristics and skillets of what makes great front line people will slowly start to evolve. The shift will be away from “tea & sympathy” to fast, efficient & effective operators who take control of problems and get them fixed.
  4. The role of more senior operational managers will start to be rethought. Daily firefighting and running around executing internal and external orders that often don’t make sense will be replaced by “end to end process thinking and improvement”. Am I creating an environment that enables my people to be successful will be the thinking.


My one prediction for 2017 (this is where I putting my money) is as follows:-


“The Contact Centre Industry will be no more interested in the personal development of its front line people at the end of 2017 than it was at the start of the year”.


Now that’s a fairly depressing prediction you might be thinking. I wouldn’t want to go on a night out with that guy. Well I look at it from a different perspective. You first of all have to recognise you have a problem before you can get onto fixing it! All alternative views and perspectives welcome.


I wish everyone success in 2017 and I hope you finish the year with a greater level of personal satisfaction, capability and enjoyment of your role than you did at the start. Creating cultures that make this happen is what business should be all about.


Brian Bannatyne



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