people are the biggest disruptors

The customer service industry is like a space shuttle navigating its way through the unknown; set on a trajectory for a new digital world, vastly different from traditional business as we know it. With developments in automation and AI happening at lightspeed, to transform and maintain a
competitive edge, we need to adapt quickly. The secret to success? Ensuring people are your number one focus – putting them above everything. 

Julie McIntosh, Chief Culture Officer at Kura, explores how people will make the biggest impact on the customer journey.

In this paper we will discuss the following: 

  • The human power of empathy
  • How to get the most from an empathetic workforce
  • The successes that can be seen from a people-first culture 


A people first culture helps in the following ways  

Increased Loyalty

Improved ROI

Better culture

More Creativity

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