Customer Value

  • Issues with finding new customers?
  • Want to maximise your customers’ spend?
  • Looking to retain your customers and keep them loyal?

We can help with your customer value.

What we do

Our Customer Value offering creates business growth, maximises sales and supports retention of customers by delivering outstanding sales and customer service solutions.

Customers have increasingly high expectations, either in how they are supported, information required or issue resolution. Their demands mean that businesses need to be more in tune and aligned to customers’ needs and wants, but also enabling them to be proactive, removing the risk of losing them.

Our people are central to everything we do. Our people drive our innovative thinking and creative solutions for sales and service because we know that in releasing their potential, Kura can unleash the potential in your business.

How we do it

  • Personalised sales through service approach, focussed on customer needs.
  • Reduction of customer effort and optimising of omni-channel customer journeys.
  • Utilisation of Lean Six-Sigma methodology.
  • Combining Voice of the Advisor with Voice of the Customer – true insight led customer profiling.
  • Highly skilled training design specialists with an in-house management development programme, creating passionate and customer focussed leaders of the future.

Benefits to you

  • Outstanding customer experiences through award winning sales and service campaigns.
  • Development of bespoke sales and service training solutions.
  • A strategic partner providing support and insight as an industry thought-leader.
  • Contracts designed to generate increased profits.
  • 100% adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Our results

  • Award-winning sales centre of excellence.
  • 87% improvement in sales conversion.
  • Won back more than 200k customers, 20% of total customers.
  • Creation of new, innovative, sales channels.
  • Generating new customer growth.