Customer Service Automation & People

  • Are you struggling to channel shift your customers?
  • Unsure what channels you should use?
  • Do your people have the right skills for the future?

Kura provides the perfect blend.

What we do

As a contact centre outsourcer we fully embrace automation and AI to support customer service.  We believe that by harnessing such technological innovations, we can release costs from your business – automating the routine transactional activity and leaving the more interesting and complex interactions to be handled by highly skilled and engaged people.

The changing social, domestic and economic landscapes of modern life combined with a 24/7 digital world means that customers expect to be able to do business when, where and how it suits them.

The customer is at the heart of our approach. Combining this with our exclusive technology provides a solution that fits perfectly within your existing business – becoming an essential enhancement to your organisation and enriching the customer journey.

Our primary focus is the development of people inside the business. Understanding them as individuals and helping them build on their strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, this creates an engaged and skilled advisor whom when combined with our innovative software enables delivery of an exceptional blend of people, automation and AI. People and technology working in harmony to deliver amazing service and get the most out of your contact centre.

The digital revolution and advances in technology mean customers are more willing and able, than ever before to take control of how they connect. Outsource your automation and people with Kura and be part of the revolution!

How we do it

  • Effective Training – having the right training, focussed on the right areas, enables people to handle the omni-channel environment and work seamlessly with AI.
  • Tailored and integrated technology and automation solutions through our own software company, Inisoft.
  • Matching the best people with the best skills to the right contact channel.
  • Fully customised service and our exclusive software.
  • 24/7 channel support.

Benefits to you

  • Maintain service excellence during customer demand fluctuations.
  • End to end ownership of customer contacts.
  • Reduced costs and hard savings thanks to improved online uptake.
  • Reduction in customer effort, increasing customer satisfaction.

Our results

  • 300% increase in e-commerce activity.
  • 80,000 annual online college applications completed.
  • 15,000 advisors worldwide using our software/technology.
  • 30% reduction in AHT.
  • 25% increase in productivity.
  • 75% reduction in paper and printing costs.