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At Kura, we’re in business because we want to help people to develop and grow with us to reach their full potential. There are a variety of ways we do this which starts from the day you become a member of the team.

If you join as an advisor on any of our client groups (and we do we have quite a few which means a huge amount of opportunity for our people) we make sure you are “fighting fit” for the role.

Let’s talk about what we will do for you…

Grow with Kura as an advisor…

  • You will have a structured training programme
    • Don’t be put off by the “structured” part, that just means we have a plan to make sure you know everything you need to know before you talk to our customers.
  • Then when you join the business area you will go into a “grad” environment
    • This just means you will get a lot of coaching and support as we know that when you start to put the training into practice you’ll still have questions – That’s normal!

So you are now part of our team and you are thinking “what’s next?”

Management Development Training

Well, we train all our managers in-house through our on-going management development programmes. By designing this in-house it means we’re really connected to what our Managers need.

Here are some of the areas we help to develop:

  • Coaching and 121 skills
    • By applying the most up to date and creative coaching models you will be able to really connect with your people and help them to be the best that they can be
    • We believe to deliver great performance we have to have the best people managers in the industry and this comes from how our leaders connect with our people.
  • How to engage and motivate
    • We show you leading edge techniques of how to really engage and motivate people
  • Managing your time (Yes you will be busy!)
    • A great course that helps you understand how to prioritise and plan your time effectively

This is just to give you a flavour as we don’t want to give away all of our secrets!

We recognise the importance of continual development for all our people so to ensure learning is at the heart of our business we also offer:


So what area do you fancy going in to as it’s not always operations – Do you fancy:

  • Training
  • Management
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • MI

If you show the desire we will provide a mentor from the relevant area who will help you develop your skills and knowledge and ultimately be your “guide” to allow you to grow with Kura.

All our mentors take pride in successfully developing people so you are guaranteed the same level of commitment from them as what you put in!

External qualifications

We know the importance of getting an externally recognised qualification so we provide SVQ opportunities in management, customer service and business administration.

Secondment opportunities

As we continue to grow, so do you! We have a lot of secondment opportunities within different areas of the business. A key fact…We promoted 70% of our Managers internally.

We love to feel and know that we have helped someone in their career and given them the opportunity and right development to shine!

We believe that by providing performance focussed 121’s for everyone, on the job-coaching and personal development opportunities that we will deliver a phenomenal service for our people, clients and customers.

So that’s a whirlwind review of what we do for you and how important learning is for us as business. We haven’t even talked in-depth about how much coaching you receive or even the personal development plan we will put in place but you can find all that out when you join!!

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