Utility Client Case Study

The Industry

The utility sector is complex, tightly regulated and volatile. Competition is fierce, and new entrants are gaining momentum in this space. With customer perception of the industry having long been poor, customer service is no longer a nice to have – it is becoming a regulatory requirement.

Client Challenges

The client had been listed in the bottom of the “Big Six” for customer service. They recognised the need to improve their performance and reduce both customer frustration and costs across different customer groups: direct debit, quarterly credit and more vulnerable pre-payment meter users.

Our client needed to protect their existing customer base while continuing to attract and grow new business. They therefore needed a contact centre solution fit for the 21st century.

Client Objectives

Our client had three clear objectives:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints across all customer groups.
  2. Reduce customer churn and increase customer retention.
  3. Provide a superior and differentiated customer experience at a reduced cost.

Our Approach

We took a “customer focused” approach that included:

  • The design and roll-out of a Customer First Programme that redefined roles and responsibilities at the front line to resolve customer issues.
  • The roll-out of comprehensive product and services training to ensure all customers are on the right tariff.
  • The introduction of a complaints management programme to assist customers through every stage of the process.

We also made a significant investment in our own people by rolling out a market-leading increase in adviser salary, helping to support high levels of staff satisfaction and retention.

Next came our customer insight programme, Kura Evolve. Kura Evolve gathers rich customer data to support call and cost reduction initiatives and service improvement.

Finally, we introduced our new social media operation. This supports customers through all major online channels, helping to future-proof the business.


  • 75% of all customer complaints resolved at time of call

  • 90%+ of all customer complaints resolved in less than 14 days

  • Over £26m cash collected per annum from customers

  • Over 10,000 additional boiler care service packages taken up by customers

  • Customer and call reduction programmes based upon strong customer analytics derived from the insight process

  • 15% reduction in average handling time

  • 150,000+ unwanted “failure demand” contacts removed from the customer service estate

  • Ongoing operational and process enrichment – continuous improvement as “business as usual”

Since implementing our services, our client has rapidly improved their overall customer service provision: they’re now ranked third in the industry. Our insights programme has provided real insights into customer behaviour and drivers of “failure demand”, allowing our client to improve their decision-making. Improved compliance governance ensures our client adheres to regulations and is always up to date with the latest guides. Finally, our client has helped protect the most vulnerable customers through enhanced customer service, showcasing compassion and empathy.